Project Description

Paddington will provide an opportunity to be involved in an exciting development at a key focal point at the edge of the city centre, near the new RLUHT, and Liverpool University and will provide pleasant and affordable homes in a new thriving and attractive neighbourhood .

The design brief was to provide around 200 apartments and provide parking spaces at 110% of apartment numbers, therefore around 220 car parking places. We have analysed the site and have taken key directives from the masterplan and retained sight lines and pedestrian and vehicular links. Using the natural topography of the site we envisage the lower deck to be a hidden car park with entrances to the apartment schemes in secure lobbies to lifts and stairs to the upper floors. This allows the ground level to be purely forĀ  pedestrian access and encourage people to walk through to and from Brownlow Hill and other parts of the new masterplan.

Project Detail

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